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This journal is my terrible hiding place for all my fannish activities, with very scant IRL entries. Friend away, if you want!

Simple user guide: The stories are organized by alphabetical-order fandom. Within each fandom, the fics run from most recently written to oldest. I abdicate responsibility for the pre-2005 anime entries Format for each entry gives the title, main character or pairing, the rating, summary, warnings/spoilers and the month/year written.


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Fic [Mad Men]: Manifest (Peggy x Pete)

Title: Manifest
Fandom: Mad Men
Characters: Peggy Olson, Pete Campbell
Rating: PG
Summary: AU set around the beginning of Season 5. Manhattan is dying. Go west, young woman. 

You're moving to California and Abe is coming too and if your mother wants to light a candle for your lost soul that's the biggest church wedding she's ever going to get out of youCollapse )

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Fic [Mad Men/Game of Thrones]: she waits for the summer

Mad Men AU | Betty Draper medieval ice queen


She had always been a stout child. Sweets seemed to swell inside her, girding her pink wrists and splitting open her dresses. It wasn’t royal, her mother sniffed. “We’re delaying your wedding until you thin out.”

She fasted. She prayed. She even ran — ran! — on the training grounds like a dog, after her father’s men had departed for the taverns and brothels.

Her father often patted her hair (the thinnest, finest part of her) in reassurance. “Sheath your worries. Hofstadt is a worthy house; you will bring glory to any lord you honor with your betrothal.”

“Any lord,” she whispered to herself in bed underneath white wolf pelts, tracing stars in the dark. “It won’t be any lord.” 

Ficlet: [Mad Men/Game of Thrones] littlecampbell
whuuuuh i don't even know what this is i'm just fumbling around in the dark groping soltian and hoping she doesn't slap me. untitled ficlet, pete campbell AU, pg-13.


When Peter was eleven, he tried to poison his brother.

{The reason being: Andrew had bidden him into the woods, and he had stepped on a bee hive. Peter spent the next fortnight bleeding fever in bed, refusing to even look at the bandages.}

The attempt had failed, of course. His face gave too much; they caught him right away. 

{The bees had risen like a veil, shimmering in the late afternoon sun, the buzzing even louder than the crazed drum of his heart, and as they knit to his stiffstruck body, he wondered, so this is commanding an army.}

The slavery part of the punishment -- that was his father's. Seven days, to the highest bidder. Anything good, anything worthy you might have ever done is because your name has affixed you. See how you do without it.

But the dress part, the slow spiteful banquet -- that was his mother's. You couldn't even face him in combat. Poison is a woman's tool. So we will treat you as a woman. 

The servants, with their snickering eyes, lacing up the corset and adjusting the coiled wig. His brother, hands on his constricted waist, rubbing dirt into cold indigo silk and rippling gold embroidery. I hope Lord Garner buys you, and fucks you every night.

But Lord Garner didn't buy him. Tom Vogel had, at the behest of his eight-year-old daughter.

Your lordship's dress, is that a dragon? Gertrude had asked before the auction, her own gown the same bitter white as sheep milk. Your lordship is so pretty. 

Then he had tipped his dessert onto her skirt, rivulets of poisoned Dyckman wine running down the wall, and she didn't stop smiling even as her dress darkened and her eyes quivered, and for once the bee-hum of his throat subsided enough for him to laugh. 

Fic [Game of Thrones AU]: idée fixe, Jaime/Cersei, NC-17
Jaime Lannister at an ad agency in 1960s Manhattan. I regret nothingCollapse )

clap your hands say please god don't let me die

blasphememe - a comment ficathon of every fandom using biblical verses, religious iconography and saints stories as prompts, trying to get 72000 slash pairings pairings to make up the 144000 men who will enter heaven according to the book of revelations. since revelations makes the distinction that the men “were not defiled with women”.

so far they have Game of Thrones, X-Men, RPF, Inception, True Blood, BBC Sherlock, and other slashy delights. and i maaaay have requested Emma Frost/Betty Draper with the verse prompt, “You are not your own / for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians, 6:19-20). 

Fic [Mad Men rpf]: The Fox and the Hound
Title: The Fox and the Hound
Fandom: Mad Men RPF
Characters: Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, Alison Brie, Elisabeth Moss, mentions of Don Glover & Joel McHale & Geoffrey Arend
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Just a crush to pass the time. 
Disclaimer: This never happened.

He was going to Lizzy's, and he needed reinforcements.Collapse )
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Fic: Sheela na Gig [Boardwalk Empire], Margaret/Lucy, NC-17
Title: Sheela na Gig
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire
Pairing: Margaret/Lucy
Rating: NC-17
Note: written for boardwalkkink

the maroon teddy, with lace roses over the nipplesCollapse )

Fic: Archimedes' Principle [Boardwalk Empire], Rothstein/Luciano NC-17
Title: Archimedes' Principle
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire
Pairing: Rothstein/Luciano
Rating: NC-17
Note the Second: written for boardwalkkink 

it's irksome, the purposeful dullness that Charles assumes whenever he's embarrassedCollapse )

Fic: Ran [Cowboy Bebop], Spike/Vicious/Julia
Title: Ran
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Pairing: Spike/Vicious/Julia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The last birthday Syndicate Spike ever got.

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